Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nutritious Salad Dressing - Use Nuts instead of Oil

Fresh fruits on the Big Island, Hawaii.

Every bite is nutritious.....

Here's a salad dressing where the fat in the dressing comes primarily from nuts - not olive oil. 

Grind up a small handful of walnuts or almonds in a Nutribullet or other similar appliance. Blend with a peeled orange (seeds removed), a clove of garlic, some dried or fresh basil, a dash of liquid honey, salt and pepper and a little water to obtain the consistency of a salad dressing. To get more of an olive oil flavor add a teaspoon or less of olive oil. Or try a small amount coconut oil. Add a little lemon juice, or your favorite salad vinegar. If the dressing is too thick to flow out of the jar, add a little more water or scoop the dressing out.  

Use favorite salad ingredients - a little raw broccoli, greens of all sorts, cucumber, tomato. Toss the salad. (Hint - if the dressing is thick toss the chunkier salad ingredients first with the dressing and add the tender leaves at the end). 


Instead of honey, sweeten with dried cranberries. Add other herbs instead of basil. Try different raw nuts, like cashews. Use a cored apple, or berries instead of an orange. Add a little yogurt, avocado or dijon mustard. In summary, substitute nuts for oil, with fruit to hold and thin out the nut base. Go from there....

Colorful rooster on the Big Island of Hawaii

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