Monday, February 22, 2016

Grow Microgreens at Home

2 Minute VideoBroccoli Microgreens Homegrown

Here's how I grow broccoli microgreens at home.

- Use mixed broccoli sprouting seeds from Mumm's seeds.

- 1 tablespoon of seeds for the tray.

- Gently pat an inch of moist seed starting soil-free potting mix in a shallow seeding tray with drainage holes.

- Sow the seeds evenly and thickly (not overlapping) on top of the mix. Cover the seeds lightly with more moist seed starting soil mix.

- Mist the seeds with water twice a day. Once the seeds sprout, usually by day 4, I water only from below.

- Place the tray in a sunny window, right away once the seeds have sprouted.

- Put them under artificial lights for a few hours in the evening winter, to top up the sunlight, if you have that set up. If the temperature rises a few degrees above freezing, give them a little afternoon sun outside. The greens like water and sun, and a little rest over night.

-I run a fan across the seedlings for 10 minutes each day. Maybe not necessary, but all my plants get aeration in winter.

Low February light = under lights for a few hours each evening.
-As the greens grow, I water them only from below and drain the water off, each day. Keep the potting mix damp but not soggy.

-Harvest starting on the 8-9th day following sowing, or earlier if you prefer. Cut them well above the potting mix, with scissors.

-They taste delicious when tender and have a stronger flavor as they age. I harvest them when they are young, before the first true leaves have developed.

-Wash them well, and rinse in a fine strainer.

-Use them immediately in salads, sandwiches, smoothies, pastas. Best to use them right away. I don't store them. I harvest them as needed.

-Younger greens are milder.

-View my video above, to see the action.

Broccoli microgreens on pasta

Sunning in February in Edmonton.

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